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Rashelle Hobbs Trusted Guard of Property Records

When I first considered entering this role and transitioning from the County Clerks office, I saw many ways in which the Recorders Office could be improved upon! Fueled by a deep commitment to public service, I intervened, dedicating substantial effort to rectify the situation. What started as a mission to address a difficult situation evolved into a profound passion for the meaningful work of safeguarding our county's records.

Throughout my tenure, I have actively sought to improve accessibility, enhance services for residents, and foster a healthier office culture. The trust placed in me by my peers, who have elevated me to various

leadership positions, further validates my commitment to making a positive difference. I am proud of the positive transformation that the office has undergone during my leadership. The team has thrived, and our office culture has markedly improved.

My decision to run for reelection is driven by a genuine desire to continue this positive trajectory. I want to be there to support the incredible team that has contributed to our success, and I am eager to maintain the momentum we have built in resident outreach efforts!




Why Me

What sets me apart is not just my tenure or the recognition I've received, but the tangible improvements witnessed during my leadership. Office culture has transformed positively, creating a more collaborative and efficient environment.

Additionally, my extensive experience working for the county has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of our operations, particularly the property tax system. This experience positions me as the right person to safeguard our county's records. 

I believe that, with my passion, dedication, and proven track record, I am the right person to continue ensuring the integrity and security of our county's valuable records. I am prepared to build on the achievements made thus far 

and continue to strengthen the bond between the Recorder's office and the community we proudly serve.

and continue to strengthen the bond between the Recorder's office and the community we proudly serve.




Paid for by the Committee to Elect Rashelle Hobbs

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